Ways Create Better web development in open source

Open Source Web Development

What is Open Source Technology?

The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and also share their ideas publicly to enhance the working of the software.

The term is generally used in the areas of software development to designate a specific approach to create flexible and build easy computer programs. Open source projects are very useful and build interactive projects which will increase collaborative participation, open enhance, rapid prototyping, transparency and also enhance community-oriented development.

Open source technology has been developed as an adequate strategy for overcoming expansion cycle. It has also decreased various drafting struggles and also cut down the costs of purchasing individual software’s, compilers, platforms, supervisors and middleware.

Pros and Cons of Open Source Technology:

1. From developers point of view:

If you tend to look from a developers point of view, open source technologies provide a platform which is used to build custom solutions. Open source technologies have become more efficient as more time is spent on the specific task to be solved rather than getting the system up and running to the point where it is stable and reliable.

This also means that other developers can also access the other developers work and can make some small changes and create a product out of it. Making use of open source web development, the developer needs to be prepared to publicize their work. Almost everything in open source is viewable by other developers. If a developer makes a major mistake, it can become public information and tarnish the developer’s reputation.

2. From the user’s point of view:

The biggest advantage of open source technology is that the users can download and use the projects for free. Without the pressure to show a profit from their work as in a large corporation, open source web developers can work more toward end users’ individual needs and less on appealing to the masses.

Open source technology also has one con from the user’s point of view. Open source technology is often focused more on the backend processing of information. The front end is not that focused which leads to misconfiguration of things in the front end.

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