Difference between web design and web development?

web design

The difference between web design process and web development is quite confusing for many. This confusion can sometimes become a problem for a web design company and its clients since the design of web pages has become a generic term that encompasses design and development.

Excellent design and development is a must requirement for a good website. Hence it is important for the company to understand the basic difference between a web design and web development.

Web design:

Web design refers to the design and appearance of the particular website. The color of the website, its design (including logo and graphic design), and navigation, all comes under the category of web design process.

Web development:

On the other hand, Web development includes functions and features of the particular website. It is a type of backend service and not the face of a website. It includes registration, content management systems, e-commerce and database applications, in addition to allowing visitors to interact on a website.

A good web designer will have graphic design skills and a good understanding of marketing. He or she knows how to get the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore a website. It is recommended to get a responsive web design.

The web development strategy is integrated into phases in which you must venture to obtain the objectives that are raised by the organization that has decided its presence on the Internet.